Earth Day!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The REAL Controversy

Well, by now I am sure we have all seen the infamous Time cover, with the controversial image of the mother breastfeeding, blah blah blah.

Frankly, I'm a little tired of the controversy. It's nobody's business if I breastfeed my child until they start college. But I have some pointed questions to send to Ms. Jamie Lynne Grumet, that famous lactator. Like many of you, my crunchy compatriots, the first question that popped in my mind when I saw the cover was not, "Why is she feeding a child who is old enough to make his own peanut butter sandwiches?” nor “Why does she breastfeed standing up, like her child is a cocked rifle on her hip?” Instead, the question that comes to me is the most obvious one of all:

Why is she breastfeeding only one child?

When it comes down to it, we all know that women are inherently lazy. I deal with this in myself all the time. I clean with all-natural homemade cleaning products only three hours a day. I read my children stories printed on handmade sustainable bamboo paper for only an hour a day. I am only a wife, mother, nighttime parent, bestselling author, yoga instructor, pilates student, artisan cheesemaker, and full-time breastfeeder. But when I want to make up for my laziness, I multi-task. It’s something we are all familiar with. I have two hands, so I write blog posts while I do the dishes. I have two ears so I listen to parenting audiobooks with one and a combination of Brahms and Beethoven with the other. I have two feet so I use an elliptical with one and practice my Irish step-dancing with the other.

But most important – more important than any of these other things – I have two breasts. So I breastfeed two babies. And if she were a real crunchy mom, she would too.

Now, I only have one child of breastfeeding age, so I usually borrow another one. I have some neighbors with babies, whose mothers selfishly chose to bottlefeed instead, so I borrow them (with their parents’ permission of course). Sometimes there are some stray kittens that walk through the neighborhood, so I catch them and nurse them. When there are no available babies, I always—at the very least—pump once every hour and forty-five minutes at the same time I breastfeed, and donate the milk to orphans. I mean, really, what else do I have to do? Am I so busy with keeping house, mothering, nursing, and sleeping four hours a night that I can’t stand to do more for my fellow (wo)man?

Too Krunchy, we are pioneers. We have to make use of every moment of opportunity that is available to us. And part of that is to remember that old moral maxim passed down to me through generations of strong women: “An idle titty is the workshop of the devil.” Truer words were never spoken.

--Crunchier Mom

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tie-dye - Nature's Natural Pretty!

Yesterday was an amazingly eventful day! I was able to wash dishes and sun-dry them. If you haven't ever tried this, you definitely will want to. Harnessing Mother Earth's natural helpers is what makes my life so much easier. I always choose to wash dishes outside. I've formulated my own dish soap that is so much better than any of the harsh chemical soaps you might buy in the store. Below is the recipe! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I generally tend to wash my dishes outside in the fresh sunshine and love that the Earth shines down on me, and then I lay them out to dry on my grandmother's hand made quilt she gave me when I was 5. I feel like a little bit of her love bakes into my families dishes as the sun naturally dries them.

Today I was washing my dishes outside while my children frolicked in our fresh well water and basked in the beautiful Texas sun. I had a batch of sun tea brewing (I realize that there a few debates circling about whether this is healthy or not, but I just can't see using extra energy and resources to boil water when the sun will bring out a much finer flavor anyway.) and then I allowed the children to tie-dye! We of course made our own natural dyes from cranberries, blackberries, turmeric, and red cabbage! The children enjoyed themselves so much and really loved showing off their shirts they made!

My DD and her biodegradable gloves to protect her sweet sweet fingers. 

 I used this method after I had bought my hemp material to sew my own cloth diapers. Hemp is such a beautiful color anyways, but I wanted some change, so I dyed a few different colors.

All in all, we had such an amazingly beautiful day. I cannot imagine one moment spent without my sweet sweet children. From the moment they were conceived I have striven to spend every moment with them. I cannot imagine how this will possibly make them anything shy of amazing. One day we might even be in the White House. Haha! I hope you all have a Mother Earth Blessed day!


Too Krunchy!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Yawn. Sigh. Stretch...

Mmm... Hullo Crunchier Mom! What a well written and beautiful introduction! I am so thrilled to be starting this adventure with you! Sadly, upon reading your post... I saw that you mentioned going to the Container Store! I hope that you're only using their eco-friendly bamboo line! Plastic is really killing our mother Earth, and is completely unnecessary. Of course, you being you, I know you're ONLY using the bamboo line.

 Even though I did have to get onto you about using the polyethylene coated wet-bag for your cloth diapers! TSK TSK! Haha! 

Anyways, a bit about myself. I am a composting, granola making, cloth diapering, hemp wearing, breastfeeding, anti-plastic, pro-earth, tree hugging crunchy mom of 2 beautiful and extremely intelligent home schooled children! My oldest is 3 and she's been home schooled for 2 years. I feel it a necessity to start early. Unfortunately I wasn't as set in my ways with her. With my youngest, we started schooling in the womb. He started speaking sign language at about 2 weeks of age. He could tell me when he would like to start breastfeeding and when he needed to do number 2. We didn't actually start potty training him until about 4 weeks of age. At that point you could just tell he refused to go to the potty in his FuzziBunz. My oldest daughter was a little bit more rough to train. She wasn't fully potty trained until she was about 9 weeks old. I'm prone to believe she just wanted to see what other prints I could hand sew her!!

My latest conquest is to see how little plastic we can use. Nowadays all food you can buy in the store is excruciatingly covered in plastic! Naturally, I bake my own bread. We keep a small garden in the side yard, we have a small section for our own home grown grains and I  grind our own whole wheat flour for the breads. Have you ever read the ingredients in store bought bread? Nothing in there can be conducive to raising strong, well adjusted, healthy children. To date, we are pretty sure we have saved 2 third world countries just by cutting plastic almost completely out of our lives. 

My husband and I are currently trying to get pregnant with our 3rd blessing. The first two children have been the most amazing experience of my life, starting from their all natural home births and working their way right on into our hearts. I honestly feel like God chose me to be the vessel for his 2 most perfect angels, and I am hoping he grants me a third angel to raise here on this beautiful Earth! Naturally I'm going to try and beat our potty training record! I have no idea how I am going to breastfeed 3 children at the same time! I am terrified my oldest is going to wean herself, at 3, I am just not sure if I'm ready for that yet. I feel like breastfeeding provides all the nutrients you need for a sustainable and happy life! I feel like every mother has the tools to feed her child everything they need for as long as they need to eat. Neither of my children tasted anything other than mother's milk for a year and a half. I just don't feel like they needed anything else, and neither did they! This is something God gave every woman. We just need to use it!

I suppose I've said enough to call this a "formal" introduction! I look forward to imparting my wisdom on all of you! Now, I have to go pull the laundry out of the dryer and fold all my hemp reusable tissues! There is nothing more relaxing than folding clothes to the sound of Rain Forest Shaman on CD lulling your sleepy babies to rest!

- Too Krunchy 

*remember, every day is our Earth's day!*

Hi! I'm CrunchierThanThou!

Let me introduce myself! I'm Crunchier Mom. I know it's customary to send a Christmas letter at Christmas, but I am so awesome that I decided to write mine early. And here it is! What an adventure this year has been! Our organic goat dairy is really taking off, with orders for our artisanal cheeses pouring in from all over the globe. The Prime Minister of Sweden is stopping by next week for a tasting, to see if they want Crunchy Goat Dairy to be the official cheese of Sweden. I'm telling ya, it's one adventure after another. I sure hope I can get all the marker off the wall from my tiny artists before he gets here! LOL!

Basically, I'm on top of my game. Here's a list of what I'm into:

-Organic farming (duh, who isn't?)
-Intense Cardio and Pilates
-Bikram Yoga (look it up -- it's intense)
-Keeping my body fat percentage down
-Pole Dancing (gotta keep Mr. Crunchy interested, ya know?)
-Wine making
- Organic gluten free baking
-Setting up community gardens for impoverished towns in the Andes and Southeast Asia. I bring my children along and they learn a lot
-Organization! OMG I am such an organization nerd. Let me loose in the Container Store and there is no stopping me. Not a single thing is out of place in my whole house
-Using my MBA to run the most important business in the world: MY FAMILY.

Really, my family is the only thing that matters to me. I haven't cared about myself in five years. I just couldn't spend time or money on myself when my children could use a new pair of designer overalls and ergonomic walking shoes with little frogs and ladybugs embroidered on them. But it's not really a problem, because I'm loaded.

Next you'll be hearing from one of my friends. She's the best, except not as good as me. But pretty good. Good enough that our friendship isn't ruined by her jealousy.

We will also be talking about that infamous Time cover. Can't wait! Life is so exciting around here! All we do is have fun! Life is like a carnival every day since I had my kids! I never cry anymore at all ever! Except when I run out of organic wheat berries to mill into flour for my children's homemade breakfast bars. Then, I have been known to shed a tear. LOL!

Well, have to go -- the goats are having babies and they will only deliver if I am there to welcome their little "kids" into the world.